Broadcom has released new Broadcom reg; BCM7581 and BCM7582

Global and wired and leader Broadcom rich open company’s declaration of the innovative solution of wireless communication semiconductor, it is high and clear HD to put out new 40nm Roof box of cable TV STB Single chip system SoC Solution, in order to meet the whole world to the ABC of grades of high clear the intersection of roof box and demand that platform increases day by day.

New Broadcom BCM7581 and for international the ABC of grades of high clear the intersection of cable TV and market but design that increase fast BCM7582, have realized the unprecedented high integrated level, and adopt advanced technology, can meet the demand of the global cable TV operator. Digital cable TV solution based on that Broadcom industry lead of these new products, with the introduction of these new products, the lowest high clear roof box platform of Broadcom cost has further improved and handled performance, reduced the consumption at the same time.

Main point:

40nm BCM7581 and BCM7582 cable TV roof box platform is high without being adopted for integrated level, can expanding and economical and practical design, have reduced design complexity, consumption, size and overall cost of system, help the high clear digital cable TV roof box to carry on more large-scale arrangement worldwide. High-performance CPU and 2D GPU with floating dot unit support all popular the middle one and user’s interface solutions. 1GHz DVB-C high-frequency head has adopted the advanced RF receiver technology, in order to support all kinds of cable television systems of all parts of the world. Fast channel FastRTV switch technology shortens the conversion time of channel uniquly, can improve customer satisfaction. The high-performance audio frequency processor supports all popular advanced audio frequency form and Broadcom automatic volume technology. Can manage the utilization ratio of the power in real time in trends and very high-efficient power administrative system, have reached the power efficiency expected even much more than international power efficiency. The overall and integrated Ethernet port supports the business of interdynamic cable TV, regard as and expire by Broadcom DOCSIS, OK? The interface of the modem, can also be regarded as to cable TV Ethernet EoC Interface of the modem. Support HDMI 1.4a and weight of the high clear display to export. The advanced safe function of pay TV is suitable for market of all international cable TV.

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